As a conceptual artist, my work explores the liminal space between my perception and actual reality, my view of the world is held through a tiny lens. A lens made up of triggers, misconceptions, and desires. Triggers that grow with moments. Misconceptions that have no ending. Desires that are never fulfilled. As humans, we experience all of these elements. It is with the exploration of body and mind that we develop meaning for these portions of ourselves.

The mind is always battling the three and deciding which will overrule. Carnage and apprehension have a way of presenting them when least wanted.
With carnage, the mind strives for free will, destruction, and anarchy. With apprehension, it is battling the values of one’s being and the demands those costs will require. In between the two, there is allurement that becomes a struggle or an enticement.

 Exploring all mediums when creating my work gives the viewer a full understanding of the universe from my perspective. I attempt to create an expansion that involves both the audience and the room. Using surface as a tool, it gives the viewer the ability to connect with a three-dimensional object. While the three-dimensional object is stationary, there are images or other pieces surrounding it that create a space that is representational for movement. The connection between the stationary object and the images surrounding illustrates Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and in turn a reflection on my impression of reality: “ there is no fixed frame of reference in the universe. Everything is moving about everything else.” This relation reiterates the concept that as humans we are always excepting new information and trying to comprehend how we can apply it to our lives, all the while moving through time and space.