I AM: Atlanta Artists Share Their Stories of Living with HIV

"Art has the incredible power to create conversation and raise awareness about an infinite number of issues. As we’ve seen with the recent Whitney Biennial controversy, this type of artistic power can quickly turn ugly.

In February, local artist Matthew Terrell created an eight-foot pyramid, prominently displaying the alarming number of people living with HIV in Atlanta. The numbers on the sculpture, located on the lawn of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, will be updated every Friday through the end of June. The sculpture created a stir of conversation and controversy, with many people questioning the true intentions of the piece.

WUSSY’s own Zaida J. was not the only one to raise concerns. Local artist, Emily Getsay, created a Facebook page calling for the community to help create a counterpiece to the sculpture. Because of the response, Getsay teamed up with artist Johnnie Ray Kornegay III to organize I AM, a one-night exhibition on Tuesday, April 25th. The exhibit will take place at the Center for Civil and Human Rights."

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